Fit Inside Out aims to help people who feel lost, overwhelmed and confused about their perceived unfit self by providing simple guidance on how to start and what steps to take when beginning a fitness journey. This could be persons new to fitness or someone who was previously fit and has become unmotivated and wishes to take action in returning to a healthy body and mindset. The book speaks to the reader on a personal level about finding their self-worth and taking action in small steps towards feeling better overall. Through the book, the reader is reminded that fitness is not just about looking good on the outside, it’s about feeling good on the inside. The fitness industry can be quite contradictory, which causes confusion for anyone who wishes to become fit. This book eases the stress and confusion by simplifying the process and provides light during dark times. Depression is common when one is unsatisfied with their physical appearance. Through the book, I remind people to have fun and stay happy and engaged throughout their journey. These are exciting times of positive transformations.


Incorporate and manage a lifestyle of fitness and health with simple steps in order to pull you away from your unsatisfied self-image and/or lack of self-confidence and self-love. You will see the impact that fitness and mindset will have on your productivity, not only in your personal life but your professional life as well. Radiate confidence and positive self-image as you should.


Learn how to positively guide yourself through a total body and mind transformation.

  • Find your big WHY? And discover your self-worth.
  • Getting started in fitness is fun and exciting.
  • A positive mind holds all the power.
  • Discover how to find the proper help for your fitness goals.
  • Learn what you need in order to apply a fitness plan and have fun.
  • Set an appropriate expectation of results and don’t fall into the trap of information overload.
  • Master the grind and overcome daily obstacles when it comes to you and your fitness.
  • The real deal about motivation, accountability and support systems.
  • Taking you back to basics with nutrition.
  • Helpful tips for the maintenance phase.


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“Positive thoughts can bring about positive results. This is just one of the valuable lessons that Fit Inside Out imparts to its readers. And it’s a genuinely awesome read, too!”

—Suzanne Miles
Author of Fork It!

“There’s no worse feeling than thinking you are incapable, incompetent, helpless. This usually stems from lack of self-worth and motivation. Allow Roxane Monette to enlighten you with fitness techniques to overcome your despair, and mend your broken spirit. Be prepared to become a stronger and better version of yourself.”

—Graciano Cabrita da Palma
Author of Healthy Children Happy Parents

“If you want to achieve a healthy and fit body, as well as a sound mind, then this book is for YOU! Roxane shares practical but simple ways to start your fitness journey, sharing the different ways you can improve your well-being, attain optimum health, and most importantly, stay on the course.”

—Andrea Maxim
Author of MAXIMized Health

“You will feel an instant connection with Roxane Monette. She is very passionate about changing people’s mindsets through fitness training, in turn, changing their lives for the better, too. It’s like having a personal trainer and coach in one book. Amazing!”

—Elma Alorro Dionela
Author of How To Turn Scars Into Stars